UI Upgrade

We’ve upgraded the rest of the website’s UI to the new design we introduced with the launch of Search Engine 3.0.

Downtime Issues

For the past month the website has been very unstable, going down multiple times throughout the day. This was due to a mix of DDoS attacks and our gateway node being overloaded with requests.

To combat these issues we have migrated our services to Kubernetes. All services, provided by We Leak Info, will now be hosted on Kubernetes clusters. They are configured to auto-scale on demand to keep the website up and running no matter what.

In addition to Kubernetes, we’ve also added a new gateway node, with load balancing mechanisms, to handle the wave of traffic from new users.

Policy Changes

We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These aren’t major changes and won’t affect how we operate or handle your data. All we’ve done is rewrite them in a more professional manner.

You can view the new policies below:
Terms of Service: https://weleakinfo.com/legal/tos
Privacy Policy: https://weleakinfo.com/legal/privacy